Thursday, February 12, 2015

More On Their Personal Lives...

According to Hodge, the Heyer family moved from an address in Woodside to a slightly better address at 11 Homefield Road in Wimbledon in 1918. In 1923 they moved to 5 Ridgeway Place, to a newly built house. It was a four-bedroom house with a secluded garden on what was once the Ernle-Drax estate and was within easy walking distance of Wimbledon Commons. Hodge suggests that it probably had an air of country living about it.

In 1923 George Heyer gave a talk on "History in Fiction" to the select Wimbledon Literary and Scientific Society, and in 1925 he gave a talk on "The Humour of Dickens's Minor Characters".  In 1924 the Oxford University Press published his translation of Francois Villon's poems, saying they were proud to handle it. Georgette appeared with her father, playing Prince Arthur to his King John in a literary tableau at the age of 11, for the Literary and Scientific Society which he had been invited to join in 1909.
It is easy to imagine how much his appreciation of her first literary effort in The Black Moth must have meant to Georgette.

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